Just Jerry—Don’t wake me until Monday morning is here

For the first time in nearly a year I have nothing to do this weekend.

Angelkeep Journals—Raining arachnids (decently)

Many a pleasant day is spent on the patio between the first and last day at Angelkeep when the temperature is at least sixty degrees. Some hours are spent, as in this particular moment, tapping away at laptop keyboard...

Another set of memories to add to the Street Fair yearbook

Another year and another Street Fair has come and gone. My notebook has a few pages of Street Fair 2015 observations to share in today’s space.

Moving toward trouble, and knowing I wasn’t alone

There was trouble brewing last Thursday night. They say there is safety in numbers, and I was never so glad to see that I wasn’t alone as I moved toward that trouble.

Saturday Sub—Finding the positives in being negative. (Another Yogi-ism?)

It’s nice to be known for something.

Just Jerry—Hey! What’s that sound? Street Fair!

You may not have noticed, but the Bluffton Street Fair is happening this week.

Angelkeep Journals—Post-Street Fair diet, autumn, and suet

I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.

Street Fair conjures up plenty of memories each fall

The calendar says the first official day of fall isn’t until Wednesday, but for me autumn’s arrival isn’t tied to the equinox.

This is where baseball meets religion and relationships

I apologize in advance — to my friends and family, to my co-workers, and possibly to you, the readers of the News-Banner.

Saturday Sub—There are more than just four mysteries here

There are four of them.

Just Jerry—Priorities, people. Priorities

I’ve always thought it prudent to travel light.

Angelkeep Journals—The by-gone Street Fair freak shows

Growing up in near Bluffton in the 1950s and continuing for a while into the 1960s gave the opportunity to see oddities displayed in tents along the midway of the Free Bluffton Street Fair.

Her heart’s in the right place, but she didn’t think it through

When I think of the case of Kim Davis, the clerk of Kentucky’s Rowan County, I’m reminded of the genius of the Kernan-Shepard report.

Saturday Sub—How fast can you download and read this giga-column?

Technology is a moving target.

Just Jerry - It’s that time of year again (spicey!)

Some call it “fall.” Others prefer “autumn.” And still others call this “Pumpkin Spice Season.”

Angelkeep Journals—Pleasant surprise by the pots full

There are enough pots of various sizes to line approximately half of the outside border of Angelkeep’s rear patio.

Eager to visit the one place most U.S. flights don’t go

It will come as no surprise to those who read this space on Tuesdays that I often write about travel.

Just Jerry—A new reason to eat more junk food

Some people enjoy running as a form of exercise.

Angelkeep Journals—An Angelkeep deportation

Directly behind the Angelkeep garage (always needing cleaning) is a row of bright red peony bushes sandwiched between two evergreens, all that between two yellow privets.

Survey results show we care about good grammar

February and definitely — two high-frequency words we use in the English language, especially in Indiana.

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