Angelkeep Journals—The lull of garden green beans

When some things come to an end it is not life threatening nor earth-shattering.

24 hours in the Windy City

A few observations after a 24-hour visit to what I consider the best big Midwest City: Chicago.

If you see something, say something. I’m not kidding.

You know the childhood admonition, “Nobody likes a tattle-tale”?

Just Jerry - Beards and mustaches for sale — cheap!

Apparently this is a thing now: facial hair transplants.

Summer projects key to city’s ongoing well-being

Friday marks the first day of spring, and the weather these past few days has helped to remind us that warmer temperatures are hopefully here to stay.

Doing something about the weather? Moving is an option

The high temperature today in Bluffton is supposed to be 72 degrees. That’s cool — not in the sense of hot and cold, but in the sense of societal analysis.

Just Jerry—Today is your lucky day! (Really)

Happy Friday the 13th!

Angelkeep Journals—By the probability numbers

The law of averages suggests this is the week for Angelkeep crocus.

Saturday Sub — Will Indiana ever be on the ‘right’ time?

It’s that time again.

Just Jerry — Stoning Congress not a bad idea at all

In what is perhaps the best news to come out of Washington D.C. since Ronald Reagan was elected, the nation’s capital has enacted a law which makes personal use of marijuana legal.

Angelkeep Journals—Joshua fit the battle of Jericho

And the walls came a-tumblin’ down.

Exploring waterfalls in the Dominican Republic

We were up shortly after dawn, anticipating what would be the most adrenaline-filled morning of our eight-day trip to the Dominican Republic and Haiti — a day of climbing through waterfalls and sliding down chutes...

Words about the late: Some thoughts on obituaries

Ah, yes. The opening to the old (very old) “Ben Casey” TV show featured the symbols for man, woman, birth, death, and infinity.

Just Jerry — Winter woes? I blame the groundhog

Mark Twain once said something to effect of, “Everyone complains about the weather but nobody does anything about it.”

Angelkeep Journals — Owls and their message

February is nearly over and the contemplation over using the owl as a Valentine mascot yet lingers at Angelkeep.

Thumbs up for Bluffton NOW! efforts to enhance community

I logged on to Facebook earlier this month and saw a request to like a page that had Bluffton in the title.

Bennett and Ritz have something in common

What is it about the office of state superintendent of public instruction in Indiana, anyway?

Saturday Sub — Why the downtown area and Bluffton NOW! are important

The guess here is that every community of any size in every state has had some sort of revitalization effort at least once in the past 50 years.

Just Jerry — Big fun at the annual Daddy/Daughter Dance

Let me begin by thanking the award winning Bluffton Parks Department for another fabulous Daddy/Daughter Dance.

Angelkeep Journals — A shout to wake up spring

Cabin fever, the pioneer holdover afflicting nature lovers and outdoor dwellers, peaks in the month of February.

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