Varying my sports menu?  Not a chance, really

My youngest son, who has a different set of life experiences and interests than his old man does, informed me a few nights ago that there would be a different agenda when it came to the evening’s television viewing...

Angelkeep Journals—Star spangled Angelkeep reflections

“The rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air,” or should that be rewritten to mention the bottle rockets, Roman candles, and sparklers?

Spread the word about Steve Kelly cancer foundation

Despite distributing more than $120,000 to at least 160 Wells County cancer patients since 2011, the Steve Kelly Cancer Relief Foundation may still be one of Wells County’s best kept secrets.

The Confederate flag’s demise. It is about time.

In April of 1983, my wife and I gathered up our 5-year-old daughter and our 3-month-old son and took off on a road trip.

Saturday Sub: Just when I think there’s a good story ...

There are few things more disappointing to a newspaper guy than to think he smells a controversy only to come up empty. Hadn’t talked to the mayor for a few weeks. He’d been out of the office for a brief spell and...

Just Jerry—His oxygen levels are good, but I feel terrible

As you read this I am already on my way home from my trip to Florida.

Angelkeep Journals—To bee and not to bee known

Angelkeep has been stumped.

Innovative ideas like Tiger Tank healthy for Bluffton’s future

Wells County has spearheaded a number of grassroots initiatives over the years — innovative ideas and programs that frequently put our community in the spotlight.

What are you good at? (And do you know what it is?)

Humility is a hard-earned lesson.

Saturday Sub—The days that June and summer bring

We all have our favorite of something … ice cream flavor, colors, words, and days.

Just Jerry—This is not a vacation;  Not by any stretch

When I am headed down to sunny Florida to visit my father I don’t announce that I am going on vacation, because nothing could be further from the truth.

Angelkeep Journals—Dads and summer and bridges

When a man has aged enough for his sons to be fathers, then Father’s Day is more of a reflection on fathers of the past.

Weekend rain triggers memories of ’03 flood

My Sunday-morning early run turned out to be more difficult that most days thanks to Mother Nature’s abundance of weekend rain.

We had three kids. Would more have been better?

We were in a restaurant the other day and a man and a woman entered, shepherding six children as they came through the door. There were two older girls and one older boy (14 to 18 years of age) and two younger boys and...

Saturday Sub—It was an entirely different approach back then

I wonder if, a hundred years from now, someone may read these words and chuckle at how it’s written, the words I use, and even the subject being addressed.

Just Jerry—I’m not yelling! I’m Italian!

I can’t help myself. I talk loud.

Angelkeep Journals - The amazing close encounter of a 3rd kind

Angelkeep had seen it all.

Memorable week at Northern Wells

It has been an exciting week at Northern Wells as you have probably seen on two separate Page 1 accounts in The News-Banner.

I’ll tell you, and the clerk will tell you, about vote centers

Wells County Clerk Yvette Runkle has a fear.

Saturday Sub—Equal time for what makes us feel better

Perhaps it is the warmer weather, or just that it is the month of June.

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