Just Jerry—The quirks of long-term relationships

According to psychologists, couples who stay together for a long time begin to show signs beyond just constant frustration and regret.

Angelkeep Journals—Wood ducks add Angelkeep flair

Mallards splashed down being first arriving in the new Angelkeep duck season.

‘Spook’ out, God in

Let’s think for a minute.

Smartphone use heating up across America

“Americans spend an average of 4.7 hours per day on their smartphones,” I heard someone say on TV earlier this month as I was in the kitchen about to cook some pasta.

Saturday Sub - A quiet, humble man leaves a legacy prayer

At first, he was just a customer I dealt with. A nice man who bought advertising from me.

New plan: Drinking myself to wealth

I just chucked my “Five Year Plan” in the trash and cracked open a can of beer.

For profit and state-run enterprises

A simple insight we teach introductory economics students is that for-profit firms strive to maximize profit. What is more important, however, is that all for-profit firms, from a roadside taco stand to the largest...

Standardized testing doesn’t accurately measure schools

Over the past 30 years, American households have been answering questions about their choice of homes. In the 1980s, only about one in 10 recent movers reported choosing their current home because of schools, but today...

We have free speech. We shouldn’t have stupid speech.

Natalie Maines. Danny Glover. Pamela Geller and Geert Wilders.

Saturday Sub — Sometimes it works well and sometimes it doesn’t

It was complicated. It was complex.

Just Jerry — Just when I thought it was safe to ‘beard’

Most of my life has been lived “clean shaven.”

Angelkeep Journals — The Queen Mother of Angelkeep

By the time Mother’s Day arrives on the May calendar (coming Sunday, a warning for all you greeting card procrastinators) mother robin has already done her work of nest building.

A ‘thumbs up’ for downtown eatery

Occasionally, there’s a little voice inside of us that tells us to do something and we don’t.

Memorable half-marathon weekend in Indianapolis

The first Saturday in May is always a day to celebrate since summer is one month closer

Did anyone expect this McKinney-Paxson solution?

You know the guy who says that nothing surprises him? I’m not that guy. I can be surprised, and I certainly was Friday afternoon.

Saturday Sub - A spring tradition that’s good for the soul

Each year has its landmarks — highlights, if you will. Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries. We mark a season’s end or beginning with annual events.

Just Jerry - I am a walking dead man (so they say)

Apparently, sitting all day long for hours on end is slowly killing me and no amount of exercise can prevent it.

Just Jerry - I am a walking dead man (so they say)

Apparently, sitting all day long for hours on end is slowly killing me and no amount of exercise can prevent it.

Angelkeep Journals - A hawkish close encounter

Hawks come in many varieties. Angelkeep-visiting hawks are typically observed from across Angelpond.

A short history lesson

The United States is a “Constitutional republic — a nation of laws.”

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