Saturday Sub — I just need to turn around less often

It happens four times a year.

Just Jerry — Street Fair eat-overs abound in Bluffton

Let me begin this week’s column with an apology to my daughters’ teachers.

Rita remembered for her always-present, warm smile

Nearly a year ago, in late October 2013, Rita Baumgartner came into the News-Banner flanked by family and friends.

Bluffton schools are No. 1

Bluffton is No. 1!

Saturday Sub — How it’s supposed to work in small communities

They have a plan and they’re working on it together.

Unmanageable debt

This letter is in response to Mr. Wayne Barker’s letter that appeared in the Bluffton News-Banner on Monday, Sept. 8, 2014.

Just Jerry — Street Fair Fever coming to Bluffton

It’s that time of year again, Bluffton, and I am ready.

Angelkeep Journals — Patriot Day at Angelkeep

Patriot Day is better known as 9/11.

Ready for autumn and Bluffton’s big fall festival

The calendar says that autumn is still two full weeks away, but I had my first taste of fall last weekend and am still savoring it.

On Dad’s 86th birthday, a reflection on his life

My sister started a conversation the other night with two very simple words: “Do not.”

Superintendent addresses school project issues

As the petition/remonstrance period draws to a close on Sept. 15, I would like to address some common issues that have been brought to my attention from community members.

Saturday Sub: The unintended consequences of open enrollment

Somewhat like Murphy’s Law, “If something can go wrong, it will”, the Law of Unintended Consequences has been the subject of social studies and social commentary for decades. Examples abound. Historically, the...

Just Jerry — Whatever happened to cool cars?

You know what I miss? Car radio knobs.

Angelkeep Journals—It is a federal offense

The typical Angelkeep morning ritual was stumbling from bed to the Mr. Coffee and pressing the “on” button.

How I get my news certainly has changed

How do you receive your news?

Saturday Sub: The stats come out for Labor Day

Stumbled across a statistic that grabbed my attention this past week. It seems that the average person born in the latter years of the baby boom (1957 to 1964) held 11.3 jobs from age 18 to age 46. While I am not in...

Too much debt for taxpayers

Here we go again. A school building project that is being taken to the limit. Adding another $12 million, plus interest, to over the $14 million we still own on the past projects. Totally meaning we could be well over...

Just Jerry — Not as young as I look nor old as I feel

When I was younger I wanted desperately to look older than I was. I had a full time job digging ditches at 13. By the time I was 18 I was managing a restaurant and a team of 35 people, all of which were significantly...

Angelkeep Journals—Garter snake the garden snake guard

Garter snakes are one of the Angelkeep critters that are difficult to describe.

Angelkeep Journals—Garter snake the garden snake guard

Garter snakes are one of the Angelkeep critters that are difficult to describe.

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