Ice Bucket Challenge? Why not?

If you are on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, it’s almost a certainty that you have seen a plethora of these videos in August.

Instant information, instant gratification. It’s on the ‘Net

I want to know, and I want to know now.

We certainly don’t want to oppress anyone

Wells County Council approved a 1.5 percent increase across the board for county employees this week and added $1,000 to the salaries of several county elected officials.

Keep momentum going at BHMSD

Bluffton-Harrison Metropolitan School District (BHMSD) has incredible momentum because of great students, parents, teachers, administrators, and support staff that work together to make us “Schools of Excellence”...

Angelkeep Journals—What to do with duckweed

Apparently, when there is a body of water the size of Angelpond there is an eventual appearance of duckweed.

Robin Williams’ suicide gives all of us a reason to worry

The death of Robin Williams is a tragedy of the first magnitude, and the aftermath is tying my stomach up in knots.

No time like the present to save for a rainy day at the pool

The summer swimming season will soon come to an end, but discussion about future funding of the Wells Community Swimming Pool will likely stay afloat for some time.

People are more important than property, aren’t they?

There was recently a list of Indiana’s 50 safest cities promulgated on the Internet. Chief Executive magazine put together the list based on 2012 FBI reports. The list is dated July 27 of this year.

Saturday Sub — Street Fair dinners, parties, politics and trees (You know who I’m talking about)

As noted from time to time in this space, one of the great joys of the job I have is the opportunity to meet a variety of people, get to know them and then, if I’m lucky, get to call them “friend.”

Just Jerry — No new is good news (literally)

Once upon a time it was believed that “no news is good news,” but these days it’s actually true that no news is good news.

Angelkeep Journals —A lesson on how to kill a fushia

It is not typical for a newspaper column, such as Angelkeep Journals that bases its substance on all things of nature, to offer a lesson on measures to kill a desirable flower.

Shhhh. Don’t say anything. Someone might get upset

There’s a Norman Rockwell painting titled that shows a working-class man in a dirty jacket and a flannel shirt standing up at a public meeting and stating his opinion.

More people need to get involved

A petition drive will start to see if the Harrison Twp. voters and property owners want to allow the expansion of the grade school from Aug. 15 to Sept. 15.

Saturday Sub—What I did — and learned — during summer vacation

Instead of waiting for school to start and tackling my first writing assignment, I will share with you today just what I learned on summer vacation.

Just Jerry—The art of getting something for nothing

When I was a young boy my parents drilled into me the notion that I simply could not, no matter how hard I tried, get something in this world for nothing.

Angelkeep Journals—A robin double-wide mobile nest

A nest with a unique history was also a nest of extremely unusual architecture.

Experiencing the west without leaving Indiana

Over the course of 7 miles of hiking, we saw sandstone ravines, aged forest, gorges, and streambeds that also served as portions of the trail. We crossed bridges, climbed ladders and stuck our heads under two waterfalls...

Jeff Gordon and I got together Sunday

ESPN, in an attempt to justify its own existence, ran a series of ads a few years ago of people doing strange things. The tagline was: Sports matter.

Just Jerry—All my little chick-a-dees (and other feathered friends)

W.C. Fields has nothing on me.

Angelkeep Journal—Angelkeep’s winter global cooling

Somewhere in the depths of last winter’s blustery winter siege came the thought, “Will I survive this winter?”

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