Angelkeep Journals — Gray catbird comes in gray

Henry Ford offered his first automobiles in any color, as long as it was black.

The unnecessary meeting

I attended the special Bluffton School Board meeting on October 20, 2014, which was requested by Mr. Wayne Barker.

A short road trip to enjoy Indiana’s fall colors

Fall weekends like we experienced a few days ago remind me each October why living in the Midwest is so rewarding.

When it comes to Ebola, I will leave it to the experts

It was a few years ago, and I sat in on a tabletop emergency preparedness exercise.

Saturday Sub — Wink and nod and where did it go?

As if the melancholy of fall — the changing leaves and harvested fields — were not enough, Oct. 25 rolls around and you realize that Christmas is only two months away.

Just Jerry — Winter makes you grumpy for life

Scientists with nothing but time on their hands have released a study which seems to clearly show that people born during winter months tend to be more irritable.

Angelkeep Journals — Mole O-ween in 2014

It all began back in May of 1991 when the National Mole Day Foundation was established.

Voting early is easy

We have other commitments on November 4th and wanted to make sure to get our vote in so we voted early.

Would you risk a buck to get $200 million? It’s tempting

Almost every day at work, I look at the numbers and wonder: “What if?”

Will support conservative values

With elections quickly approaching, we recognize that we have a duty to elect individuals into positions of leadership that will support and encourage conservative and Christian values.

Inappropriate treatment of evaluation

Let me first state that I do not have a dog in this fight but in my many years of elected service I do not recall an elected board member being so ridiculed and berated in a public meeting as was reported at the...

Best handled privately

An open letter to Mr. Wayne Barker:

Disappointed in school board, superintendent

After reading the News-Banner coverage of the last (BHMSD) school board meeting, I was surprised and very disappointed by the behavior of our superintendent, Mr. Wayne Barker,  and some members of our school board.

Saturday Sub: An update on a remarkable life, and friendships

It was about four years ago that local entrepreneur Randy Harnish shared a story about an orphan his artillery unit in Vietnam had adopted in the late 1960s. “Little Lou” showed up at the unit one day, so weak from...

Just Jerry — Eureka! Raking leaves is bad for your lawn!

I have never been a fan of raking leaves. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it is the most pointless activity of all outdoor activities.

Angelkeep Journals — Honeysuckle by any other name

Never go to a nursery or garden center and ask for honeysuckle.

Ready for a late October homecoming

Our area schools have been busy this fall season celebrating annual homecoming traditions.

We’ve made it thus far, and we expect it to continue

Forty years.

Saturday Sub — And just what would your tattoo be?

Although I understood the point and the concept, there was not much appreciation for the medium.

Just Jerry — The pain in my drain is very plain

I just finished paying a plumber to clear a clogged bathtub drain which really had no business being clogged in the first place.

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