Getting my new Kentucky HQ settled

November 14, 2012 — By Frank Shanly

Well, I didn’t expect to find myself wandering around in a light t-shirt in November.
But the weather in Kentucky Saturday really was that nice. Sunday’s breeze was a little cooler, then Monday, when I was starting on my way back home, it was pretty wet and bleak - my first taste of bad weather in the Bluegrass State.
But with gas at only $3.16 a gallon, a little winter rain didn’t seem anywhere near so unbearable!
Actually, climate-wise, it was a lot like winter in New Zealand, but without the nasty wind off the ocean that the coastal regions can get down there.
I was back in Louisville this past weekend trying to find somewhere to live when I leave Bluffton. Initially, I was getting a little worried as I wasn’t having too much success.
I had made a list of all the likely places in my price range based on what I could find on the internet. And while none were really bad, the neighborhoods weren’t exactly as “cozy” as I would have liked.
And most were on narrow roads, made even narrower by the cars parked on either side, which left me wondering how a moving van could ever get in or out of here.
So there was nothing that leaped out and grabbed me.
Monday morning, having made arrangements to check a place on the south side near the airport, I found myself with a little bit of time to kill, so I thought I would make one last effort in the eastern suburbs.
I stopped in to see one of the real estate agents to whom I had sent some (email) enquiries, without getting anywhere in particular.
Persistence pays! 
As luck would have it, they were in the process of getting a two-bedroom “farmhouse” just out of town ready for showing.
It hadn’t been listed yet, so no one knew about it.
They couldn’t let me see inside, as it still wasn’t ready, but they gave me the address so I could take a look from the outside, and let them know if it looked right. 
And I think I may have found a little gem.
It’s an older place — not exactly modern living. But with two bedrooms (and a garage for my car), it’s the right size for me and my 11,000-odd toy soldiers.
It’s on a country road, surrounded by (horse) farms, so I doubt I’ll have any problems with noisy neighbors, or farm machinery.
So I’d have lots of peace and quiet for my writing!
Location-wise, it’s absolutely perfect.
I’ll still be only 30 minutes or so drive from downtown Louisville; and not much further from Frankfort and Lexington.
So I would get three cities for the price of one.
Plus, of course, all the smaller suburban shopping areas in between.
And a huge variety of ethnic restaurants to chose from, as well as the local variety.
And movie theatres…...
The list goes on.
I’ve arranged with the agent to go back down this Saturday and check out the inside.
But I think I’ve found my new home. It’s going to take something really bad to make me rethink.
It will be nice to have that all settled, and be able to work out firm dates for moving, and starting my new lines of work, and all the other stuff I have to take care of — at both ends of the line. 
Everything’s falling into place just nicely.
Now, if the winter snow can just stay away from Indiana (and Kentucky) for a few more weeks, while I complete my move, everything should be perfect.
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